Sanskrit Jazz


Sanskrit Jazz is a band for the SPIRITUALLY minded. We sing uplifting music infused with healing vibrations of the ancient language of Sanskrit, which was designed to harmonize with and energize the body on the physical and astral planes.

The full 5-piece band instrumentation is tabla, guitar, acoustic bass, harmonium and 3 voices (one male, two female).

The lyrics celebrate the Divine, but we are not a “religious” band. In fact, we honor all religions. and consider our music to be “omni-faith.” That is, if you are of a particular faith, we embrace that and respect that as your path, and we also respect paths that may be spiritual even if they are not religious.

Sanskrit Jazz seamlessly fuses Western influences of jazz, rock, blues, and reggae with Eastern sounds of the tabla and ancient healing mantras. In addition to Sanskrit, we also have some songs in English that reaffirm our Divine nature in a relaxed, non-offensive way (such as “Om We are Divine Love” and “Beacon of Light.”)