One Love Chant


Throughout the ages and across cultures, prayer through song and simple body movement has been a powerful vehicle for connecting with the Divine. ONE LOVE weaves together ancient and contemporary prayer songs and chants from a rainbow of spiritual traditions and practices, including Hindu Kirtan, Sufi Zikr, earth-based religions, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and more.


Jody Kessler, a singer-songwriter and Interfaith Minister and one of the band’s founders, describes ONE LOVE’s program as an “interfaith devotional chanting experience.” They emphasize the word “experience” because they present their work not as a performance but rather as a participatory co-creation, as they invite the audience to join in with singing and prayerful movement.


ONE LOVE features Kessler on guitar and vocals, Doug Shire on keyboard and harmonium, Shakti Mokshawru on percussion and vocals, and Joe Smellow on percussion and an array of flutes, didgeridoo, and more. In addition, the band is often joined by guest musicians from areas where they perform, such as our beloved former band members and friends Kristin Sharkey of New York City, Alison Rutherford of Syracuse, NY, and bassist/producer Charlie Shew of Northampton, MA.