Freq Nasty & the Yoga of Bass

Born in Fiji, raised in New Zealand and forged in the dance music revolution of 90′s London, FreQ Nasty started his career in 1998 on the seminal UK label Botchit & Scarper, moving to SKINT Records in 2003. He went on to release a slew of cutting-edge records, collaborating with and remixing a diverse range [...]

Taina Asili Y la Bande Rebelde

Puerto Rican vocalist Taína Asili carries on the tradition of her ancestors, fusing past and present struggles into one soulful and defiant voice. Her newest artistic work is with la Banda Rebelde (the Rebel Band), a six piece international ensemble based in Albany, NY. This dynamic force brings love, resistance, and ancestral remembrance to venues, [...]

Desert Dwellers (Amani DJ Set)

Desert Dwellers has its roots in the Southern California dance collective known as Moontribe, famous in the electronic underground for organizing tribal dance rituals at magical locations deep within the vast desert expanses of both Southern California and New Mexico. Initially a collaboration in the late 1990′s between electronic music pioneers Amani Friend &  Treavor Moontribe (aka Amani vs [...]

Thousands of One

A band born to change society through music, Thousands of One core members’ first gig was in a maximum security youth prison. At one point, lead singer, Jhakeem Haltom gave the mic to one of the inmates who let his voice be heard. It was a defining moment for the band.   Conscious music, revolution [...]

Kevin Kinsella

2011 sees Kevin Kinsella heading in an exciting new direction. With the release of his third solo album “Great Design”, Kinsella expands his sonic palette with elements of acoustic rock and soul, while maintaining his roots in reggae. “Great Design” showcases his agility as a songwriter; Kinsella’s combination of styles is deeply evocative and accessibly [...]

Bird Of Prey

Bird of Prey is bay area native Torin Goodnight. Pursuing electronic music for over a decade, he has refined his sound and style to offer something unique and powerful to the electronic music community. He aims to provide an alternative to the current trends, where focused intent and sound waves convene to create the circumstances [...]


DJ Liondub comes correct. An authentic product of Brooklyn, his musical mindset was formed at the crossroads of major international bass vibrations originating from Jamaica, NYC and the UK. Inspired by the global rhythm culture emanating from the streets beneath his feet, Liondub has spent a lifetime pounding that very pavement in pursuit of his [...]

Big Mean Sound Machine

Fusing elements of Afrobeat, 60s Garage Rock, 70s Funk, and a Jamaican Dub sound system, this hefty bunch is striving to create fresh music that will keep you on your toes all night long. Ranging from 8 to 12 members, the Machine is a Big Mean wall of sound. The Big Mean Sound Machine will [...]


The itinerant bluesman of the past covered a small regional territory. As one of today’s blues Disciples, Mudbone repeatedly has performed in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Canada In the United States he has worked venues, such as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (28 years), Monterey Jazz Festival, Delta Blues [...]

Rebel Fire

Rebel Fire

> Hailing from Ithaca, NY reggae band Rebel Fire remains a force to be > reckoned with… Unique in the world of reggae, Rebel Fire’s female lead > singer “reggae mama” Christina Barry comes on strong with prolific lyrics, > original arrangements and a supa sizzling stage presence. > Based in Ithaca, NY the band [...]

Astro Hawk

“Astro Hawk ” aka Patrick “Astro” Judson, is a musician who fuses dance music, healing and social justice issues into a compelling mix of sound and consciousness. Equally at home in clubs, performance spaces and classrooms. Astro is pioneering the way people listen to and relate to electronic dance music. He has spun at all [...]

Solar Lion

Makes beats drop poetic speaks & crunk bass weight


Metasequoia is a three piece, original alternative rock band, hailing from Ithaca, NY.  The trio is comprised of Joseph Oppito (Guitar/Vocals), Brian Semonco (Bass) and Sean Bonney-Burrill (Drums/Percussion).  Their music contains elements of Blues, Reggae, Pop, Punk, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Psychedelic and Electronic among others.  Metasequoia’s unique sound is an experience not to be missed!

Wolf Council

It’s said that Wolf Council emerged out of a chance encounter between a young producer/DJ working in a legendary recording studio high a top the Catskill Mountains, and a collective of spirit elders who inhabit the surrounding wilderness. Channeling transmissions through music, the results are dancefloor tracks, deep and intellegent, that somehow maintain an ancient [...]

One Love Chant

Throughout the ages and across cultures, prayer through song and simple body movement has been a powerful vehicle for connecting with the Divine. ONE LOVE weaves together ancient and contemporary prayer songs and chants from a rainbow of spiritual traditions and practices, including Hindu Kirtan, Sufi Zikr, earth-based religions, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and more.   [...]


POLLY WOOD is a drummer, songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist with a purely revealing and enchanting voice. She sings while she drums, letting rhythms guide her intelligent lyrics and buttery, percussive vocals straight into the heart of the listener. Think ‘morning songbird meets nighttime rhythms’. Her prolific songwriting ranges from softly cutting social commentary to honestly [...]


For more than three years, Ironwood has combined the talents of singer/songwriter/guitarist Bill Ring with those of bassist Joe Crum and other premier instrumentalists like harmonica wiz Don Fenton to make high-energy, adult acoustic music with lyrics that are always entertaining and often funny. Now with the addition of vocalist Stacy Farina, drummer and percussionist [...]

Levi James

Inspiration comes from many different places and Levi James doesn’t ignore that fact.  On first listen, you may hear tones of Bruce Springsteen and Jack Kerouac making the music of Levi James very unique.  Add an energetic performance to captivating lyrics and you have a show you won’t want to miss. Levi James grew up [...]

Sanskrit Jazz

Sanskrit Jazz is a band for the SPIRITUALLY minded. We sing uplifting music infused with healing vibrations of the ancient language of Sanskrit, which was designed to harmonize with and energize the body on the physical and astral planes. The full 5-piece band instrumentation is tabla, guitar, acoustic bass, harmonium and 3 voices (one male, [...]

Colleen Kattau

Joe Hill would be proud. Great singer and organizer at the same time”, Pete Seeger says of Colleen, a bilingual singer songwriter of New Song and Nueva cancion. She performs original alternative acoustic music in a mix of poetry and rhythm. Her voice can be both strong and tender and has been likened to that [...]